Torneo Amistoso de Futbol en Jutiapa


Torneo Amistoso de Futbol en Jutiapa El dia 8 de Febrero 2020, realizamos la visita al municipio de Jutiapa, Atlantida, atendiendo la invitacion de la Escuela de Futbol “Enrique Centeno Renau,” al torneo amistoso de futbol. Agradeciendo la hospitalidad brindada por los autoridades de dicha ciudad, al personal administrativo y al cuerpo tecnico de la Escuela de futbol E.C.R. Al apoyo de todos nuestros padres de familia y personal docente que se hizo presente en dicho torneo.

Torneo Amistoso de Futbol en Jutiapa2020-02-17T09:21:58-06:00

2020 ABSH Knowledge Bowl Tournament


2020 ABSH Knowledge Bowl Tournament Congratulations to all of our KB Jaguars that participated at this year’s tournament! We are all so proud of you! “Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power. Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!”- Takeda Shingen

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1st Grade Library Visit


1st Grade Library Visit Our First Graders enjoyed a little adventure outside the classroom and into a book during their Library time this week! "I don't have to look far to find treasures. I discover them every time I visit a library." - Michael Embry

1st Grade Library Visit2020-02-17T08:58:42-06:00

ABSH Leadership Retreat 2020


ABSH Leadership Retreat 2020 Our Jaguars giving it their best at this year’s ABSH Leadership Retreat “Great leaders are not the best at everything. They find people who are best at different things and get them all on the same team. -Eileen Bistrisky #leadership #stbs #sainttheresabilingualschool #abshleadershipretreat #leadershipretreat2020 #workingtogether

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