The purpose of TES is to contribute to the core formation of our youth through community service and a sense of social belonging. This program allows our students to actualize their commitment to their community and assist some of the most vulnerable social sectors. They use their problem solving to assist in the development and self sufficiency of local institutions and citizens with a vision to ultimately help develop their community and nation as a whole.

Mission of our PTA

To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. 

Purpose of our PTA:

  • The purpose of our PTA is to promote the welfare of children and youth in the home and the school community
  • To raise the standard of the connection between home and school life
  • To bring the home and school into a closer relationship, that parents and teachers may positively collaborate in the education of children and youth; and
  • To develop united efforts between educators and the general public in order to secure a positive future for all children and youth as well as the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. 

The PTA committee elections are held annually at the annual school General Assembly within the first month of the school year. This committee manages the business of the PTA in accordance with the rules of the PTA from one Annual General Meeting to the next. 

The PTA committee must:

  • Communicate with the entire parent/teacher/student body;
  • Represent the entire parent/teacher/student body. 
Our educational program for Parents and Guardians (Escuela Para Padres, Madres y Tutores) is a government organized program that all schools in Honduras are required to provide. It is a program offered as an opportunity for educators to help guide parents and family members through their child’s development by taking part in discussions, presentations and various hands on activities that teach parents effective tools to help in their child’s performance in and out of the school setting.  Through the implementation of this program, we hope to contribute to an increase in parent and family involvement in order to change our students performance and overall quality of life. In these sessions we cover topics such as study habits, the importance of family time, best nutritional choices and habits as well as many other topics. This initiative is meant to serve as a helping hand in our parents lives and to help build a bridge between the school, children and home life of our students. Our aim is to help in the development of happy, successful, healthy and well supported children and teenagers. 
  • Escuela para padres
  • Escuela para padres