Saint Theresa Bilingual School is committed to providing a comprehensive and diverse bilingual curriculum in which students develop an active and flexible mindset, an understanding and compassion for others, a sense of self-worth, and the courage to act on their own beliefs.

Saint Theresa Bilingual School is committed to cultivating bilingual, independent, creative, proactive and collaborative individuals equipped to succeed in and contribute to a rapidly changing multicultural world.

ST. Theresa Bilingual school is a comprehensive school enrolling approximately 700 students in grades Pre-K3-12th grade. The school has continued to grow over the past 20 years and is accredited through the Honduran Ministry of Education and is an active member of the Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras. In 2018, our graduation rate was 100%, while the country average was less than 50%. Our attendance rate was 95%, and 100% of our students went on to college to pursue higher education.

COGNIA Certificate of Accreditation

Our Philosophy

At the heart of Saint Theresa Bilingual Schools’ Educational Philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what students of any age can accomplish.

The faculty and administration at Saint Theresa Bilingual School recognize the individuality of each student and the right of each student to receive an opportunity in education to develop his/her full potential. Through dedication, hard work and effective planning, a flexible academic and extracurricular program is offered affording all students opportunities to experience success.

Through positive discipline students will experience an atmosphere that creates academic, social and physical development. Students come to Saint Theresa Bilingual School with varying intelligences, abilities, passions and skills; we celebrate human diversity.

A broad range of materials, activities, approaches and interconnected learning opportunities encourages each child to discover and develop his or her own strengths. Students are also taught to recognize those areas where they may need to review in order to master required skills and content. Saint Theresa Bilingual School monitors, analyzes and refines all aspects of teaching and learning to maximize student achievement. The result is a “living” curriculum that evolves to accommodate teaching methods and topics for all grades.

We further believe that through cooperative interaction of the administration, faculty, students, parents, and community, each student can achieve his/her academic goals, develop a love for learning, respect for self and others, and an enthusiasm for life that will help to ensure his/her success and happiness as a global citizen.


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