Nurse Station

At Saint Theresa Bilingual School we have a full time nurse to meet the needs of our students and faculty. Our infirmary tends mostly to minor injuries and illnesses and assists in notifying the office, parents and proper authorities when any injury or illness takes place. Our infirmary is a well equipped facility including a private bathroom, bed and basic medical supplies.

Guidance Counselor

Our Guidance Counselor is a certified professional that assists and encourages students to find their passion about academic and personal decisions. She coordinates Tribes, EPP, NHS, and prepares visits by professionals to promote proper health and hygiene, social/emotional care, academic and vocational development, and coordinates our individualized attention program. Our Guidance Counselor is a vital member of our leadership team and enjoys collaborating with our school learning community on a daily basis.

College Counseling

The primary role of our College Counselor is to assist second -, third- and fourth-year high school students with the preparation necessary to apply and get admitted into a college upon graduating from high school. We aim to guide students through the entire college admissions process, from satisfying college entrance exam requirements (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, PAA) to completing a college application. Our College Counselor regularly meets with parents and students to review academic needs for college entrance and assist with completing necessary documents and application paperwork.

Our College Counseling program assists students not only with the applications process, but also with other academic, extracurricular and career preparation guidance throughout their high school years.  This could include writing recommendation letters, contacting college admissions offices and providing students with detailed information about the specific colleges they are considering. Some of the additional responsibilities include: Conducting meetings and college visits, assisting with completion of any outstanding documents and advising about local and international admissions requirements.