Student Services


The mission of Academic Services at Saint Theresa Bilingual School is to encourage all students to become independent learners and active members of their learning community by providing support in a creative and safe environment. We are committed to providing resources and services that foster self-directed learning, confidence, and academic success.

All programs offered by Academic Services are inclusive, comprehensive, and are offered at no additional charge to our learning community: social emotional support via our Peace Learning program, after school academic reinforcement for students in need or desiring to gain a deeper understanding of content taught in class, supplemental courses for students to recuperate or add additional credits, academic and extracurricular summer learning experiences, after-school programs, teacher advisors, special resource services offering specific in- school academic support, teacher mentors, career planning, as well as grouping and independent counseling.

Nurse &

Nurse Station

At Saint Theresa Bilingual School we have a full-time nurse to meet the needs of our students and faculty. Our infirmary tends mostly to minor injuries and illnesses and assists in notifying the office, parents, and proper authorities when any injury or illness takes place. Our infirmary is a well-equipped facility including a private bathroom, bed, and basic medical supplies.

Guidance Conselor

Our Guidance Counselor is a certified professional that assists and encourages students to find their passion for academic and personal decisions. She coordinates Tribes, EPP, NHS, and prepares visits by professionals to promote proper health and hygiene, social/emotional care, academic and vocational development, and coordinates our individualized attention program. Our Guidance Counselor is a vital member of our leadership team and enjoys collaborating with our school learning community on a daily basis.

College Counseling

The primary role of our College Counselor is to assist second -, third- and fourth-year high school students with the preparation necessary to apply and get admitted into a college upon graduating from high school. We aim to guide students through the entire college admissions process, from satisfying college entrance exam requirements (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, PAA) to completing a college application. Our College Counselor regularly meets with parents and students to review academic needs for college entrance and assist with completing necessary documents and application paperwork.

Our College Counseling program assists students not only with the applications process, but also with other academic, extracurricular and career preparation guidance throughout their high school years. This could include writing recommendation letters, contacting college admissions offices and providing students with detailed information about the specific colleges they are considering. Some of the additional responsibilities include: Conducting meetings and college visits, assisting with completion of any outstanding documents, and advising about local and international admissions requirements.

Library &

Saint Theresa Bilingual School’s Library is a facility where the student body, school’s staff and our media specialist team come together to provide user-friendly physical and multimedia resources readily available to all members of our school community. In order to respond to the ever growing needs of both our learning community and the curriculum. We are committed to an on-going program of improvement, providing equality of access to a variety of resources, including books, books on kindle, access to media devices, online databases and DVDs for students and staff. We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, one in which a passion for reading and a positive attitude of life long learning is actively fostered.



  • To teach our students how to develop the skills they need to become information literate.
  • To provide abundant material for our teachers and staff to further develop their knowledge and skills.
  • To allow readers of all ages to discover or re-discover the capabilities of the imagination and enjoyment of reading.


Students served by Saint Theresa Bilingual School’s Library will be able to exhibit fluency and mastery of information. the use of electronic search engines and devices. Students will also be able to find enjoyment in the many doors reading can open and allow it to transform their lives in the most positive of ways.
Staff will be able to expand on their knowledge and will be able to use the resources available to them to transform their student’s educational experience as well as improve teaching and enhance professional growth.


Our library strives to create a warm and inviting environment for students, staff and all members of the Saint Theresa Bilingual School community. It is a safe haven for students and community members alike to further explore both age-appropriate educational and recreational material. We work together with our faculty to help develop our student’s skills and abilities necessary for both lifelong learning and reading. We aim to make our library a place for both learning and enjoyment where students are able to discover a passion for literature.